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Words matter. And I know which ones matter most.

Hi, I'm Sara Arnold, a Phoenix-based senior copywriter and creative strategist who plugs nicely into any team, no matter what your stance on the Oxford comma.

Combining a lifetime of word-nerdom with 13 years of marketing and advertising experience, I’ve made it my business to grow ideas and meticulously add, move, delete and rearrange words until they do what they are told—namely, telling engaging stories that get results.

But I'm more than just a walking thesaurus. I'm a thoughtful, strategic creative who excels at taking big-picture thinking and executing it through to the smallest detail, across every conceivable medium. 

Aside from my skills, I'm always good for a witty quip, book reco, apt gif response or adorable cat picture. 

Take a look at my work and then let's chat about working together.


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The English language is comprised of 26 letters. Those 26 letters have given us everything from Tolkien to Dr. Seuss to Think Different to "I like big butts and I cannot lie."
That's why I love writing.

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