Arizona Office

of Tourism

[Un]real Integrated Campaign

 ROLE:  Concept, copywriting, creative lead


 IDEA:  In 2017, I was tasked with creating the Arizona Office of Tourism's first new integrated campaign since 2013. The concept plays on the incredibly varied experiences and otherworldly landscapes that seem too amazing to be real, yet welcome visitors to walk their paths and immerse themselves the real Arizona.



FY18 - Double the bookings YOY

FY19 - 400x ROI, $1.4 billion in tourism revenue

Gold - AAF Phoenix ADDY Awards
Silver - AAF Phoenix ADDY Awards (copy)
Silver - AAF District 12 ADDY Awards

Gold - AAF Phoenix ADDY Awards
Gold - AAF District 12 ADDY Awards

Relive The Magic - Summer Campaign

 ROLE:  Co-concept, copywriting


 IDEA:  Something about the idea of summer vacations brings out the nostalgia in all of us. Memories of scenic roadtrips, cooling off in a swimming hole, faces sticky with ice cream, and staying out late to explore unfamiliar places. We lose a little of this as we grow up, but a summer trip to (or in) Arizona is a great way to recapture that feeling and put a grown-up spin on it. 


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